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Best Ways To Boost Employee Morale

Best Ways To Boost Employee Morale

  Business   0 Comments   September 05, 2018   Holly Bernard

Best ways to boost employee morale & productivity


Offer time away from the office

It's very likely that employees get fed up and bored of constantly being in their work environment every week, so by offering them time out of the work place, when they are in they'll work better and harder because they know they aren't stuck there all of the time. This doesn't mean you have to give your employees more days off or anything like that but you could do what a lot of successful companies do and give your employees time away to do some "good". For example, some businesses give their employees a set amount of paid days a month where they are allowed out of the office to do charitable or volunteer work for an organization of their choice.


Ask for feedback from employees

In order for employees to be productive and make a good working environment they need to be happy in the company and their work environment and the only way to know whether they are happy is to ask them. By asking staff for their feedback they will feel valued because they're opinions matter and this will automatically boost productivity. However, the best thing about it is the fact that you can get an insight into any issues happening so you can fix them, which will make employees happier, and therefore morale will be better.


don't just do "work" in the office

By giving employees time away from their work, while still being in the working environment, it makes it a more fun and enjoyable place to be and so when they go back to doing their day-to-day roles they'll put more effort in and productivity will therefore go up, as well as morale. You could do this by giving employees personal projects, for example: you could give your employees one day a month to work on anything that they're passionate about but make them relate it to your company in some way. This is something fun and different for staff to do. They could then even share their projects with all of the other employees and from these ideas and projects you might even find something that you can pursue in the business so not only will morale go up but so will improvements in the business.


incorporate "play"

One thing that boosts morale in the work place is when employees enjoy each other's company. By incorporating games it can get people working as a team and having fun together, in-turn creating a better environment for staff . For example, you could add a ping-pong table to the office that people can have fun on in their breaks or on lunch or even set aside time on a Friday where all employees come together for a bit of fun. By doing this you are incorporating a relaxed and humorous environment into the work place, that relaxes people so they'll work harder and productivity will go up.



Reward empoyees

If employees work hard and achieve something great, don't you think they deserve some recognition for it? Rewarding employees for things like outstanding pieces of work or exceeding a certain goal means their going to want to do it again to gain more rewards. Therefore, it is more likely they will be happier in completing their work because they're getting something in return, which will bring morale up in the work place. It also means that they're probably going to want to get as many rewards as possible, so will be more productive in doing exemplary work. This means productivity goes up and so does the quality of work.



Improve the place of work

Even though you can put things like game rooms into offices etc., the actual work place can have a massive effect on how employees work, for example, it's proven that if your work place is well lit it can improve productivity and employees' attitudes considerably. Especially if it's dark and cold outside, good lighting can keep all employees alert and give them more energy to complete work.


Show them you care

If employees feel valued they are much more likely to be happier at work and more inclined to be productive. You can do this is many ways. One example is just to recognize that it's someone's birthday. Giving them a card can go a long way. Taking care of your employees and making them a priority as well as making them feel a part of something like a work family, means they will repay this with hard work and reaching deadlines.


Give employees the oppurtinity to develop new skills

If you give employees the chance to work towards something else, be it a degree or other qualification, it will boost their achievements and their self-esteem. The best benefit is that although you may have to put money towards this you will end up with better qualified employees and they've done it while still doing their normal job. This will therefore boost their productivity because they've got other things for the qualification they need to be doing so will have to get it all done but the fact that they're gaining something extremely useful from it will incentivize them. It will also mean that because they are getting the opportunity to gain new qualifications and progress that they'll be more likely to increase morale within the place of work.


Get your employes working together

Your employees may communicate a lot but is it just work related things they talk about? Have they actually had the chance to get to know each other properly? If you set up team-building exercises or even just set up activities for employees that is un-work related so they can have fun and spend time together when they're actually in the office, it's more likely morale will be boosted. This is because they will be a community instead of just colleagues.


Make your employees want to take part

Do you find that when you all get together for a big meeting your employees seemed bored and you never quite get enough out of them? Can you blame them? No one wants to sit at a big table in a plain room discussing and giving ideas. Therefore, if you actually want to get something out of your staff, you have to make a meeting something employees look forward to and want to take part in. Even something simple like providing snacks during a meeting can boost employees morale and encourage them to get involved because it will get them excited and if you feel passionate about what they're doing, their participation and the things they input will be of better quality.


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