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Educating Customers On Products

Educating Customers On Products

  Retail   0 Comments   September 05, 2018   Holly Bernard




By demonstrating a product and showing potential customers the benefits in person or ones that can only been seen in operation, for example, is important as you can show them all of these things and they are more "clued up" on the product they're more likely to buy it. You can also use videos to demonstrate products being used or in action and advertise this on social media or on YouTube etc. or put them on your website or send to potential customers if they show an interest in your product but wat to see how it works.

Testimonials / case studies

Providing potential customers with reassurance from previous customers who have purchased from you and how it has benefited them or helped them overcome something, will give customers someone they can relate to and make them feel reassured that buying from you is a good idea.

Press inofrmation

Another way to educate and inform people on your products is to get it written up in a newspaper, or a magazine etc. This will also help you reach a larger audience and build awareness for your brand. To do this you need to write an article on all of the benefits it will bring them and educate them on the value of the product, then get a publication interested in publishing it. Don't just pick one publication though, send your article/press release to quite a few of different publications and get them interested in your business and it's likely at least one of them will be interested in publishing your article.

Web posting

Your website should be full of information to inform and educate customers about your company. Pages like: frequently asked questions, information, testimonials, links to relevant information outside to your website etc. are a really useful way to get this across to customers. It will also be more effective if it is updated regularly and things like testimonials are from recent customers. If you're trying to educate a customer on a product by using a testimonial form years ago, it's not going to be as effective.


Blogs are a really good way to educate customers, as it's generally more personalized and helps in forming a relationship with them. You can use this to connect with potential customers by writing posts describing the uses and benefits of the product, while it also gives you the opportunity to tell them more about your company as a whole. This helps because if you can explain to people why your company has a certain approach to implementing solutions etc. then they'll be able to understand better why your solution is the best one for them. You can also use video blogging to show off your product and show the unique features of it, which will help educate new customers, but also increase your engagement with them. This is because it gives you a chance to communicate with them on another level and let them "meet" your staff so they can put a face to the voice instead of just hearing it over a telephone.

Trade shows

Going to trade shows, interacting with people in person, and showing them the product where they can see and touch it or even have a go at using it depending on what it is. This makes educating them more enjoyable for you and them as well as easier because they are able to ask any specific questions they might have. It also means that you are reaching the right target audience for your company, because the people who are at a trade show are there for what you have to offer.

Hold live webinars

Much like communicating with people at trade shows, the only difference is that its online and while your potential customers won't be able to actually see or touch the product in person, it is still a really useful way to educate them and reach a wider audience. This way you can educate people on the product but they have the opportunity to ask you any questions and also gives you the chance to hear any feedback for potential improvements.

Use guides

Although you're main focus is educating customers on your product, if you give out detailed charts or guides on what to look for when buying a product, then you aren't just throwing your product in their face straight away. You can provide them with some helpful tips and guidance before introducing your product and then showing how it fits into all of the points.


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